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Arts and crafts center


The development of our City of Jbeil-Byblos relies basically on the development of its human resources and on the enhancement of its heritage through various projects.

With this objective in view, we set up in Byblos “the Center of Arts and Crafts”.

The implementation of this project is in the hands of the Association “ Byblos Friends”

Its aim is to train and turn out young men and women qualified in the following arts and crafts: cabinet-making, wrought-iron work, ceramics and pottery, glassware, tapestry or rug-making, mosaics, wicker-work, etc.. (crafts, all of them historical to the area, which, despite the negative impact of modernity, do command respect and a market in this 21st century).

The center provides to all craftsmen and young people with creative talent, a workplace and space to exhibit work free of charge.

It also offers them for free opportunity to commercialize their creations through an international network made possible by the cooperation between the Europeen cities, which organize the “Biennale of Arts and Crafts”.

The Byblos “Center of Arts and Crafts” gives also the opportunity to promote the cultural and touristic character of our ages old city.

It is our ambition to try and anchor our Lebanese youth in their home country by providing them work opportunities in Lebanon and by opening up for them new professional horizons.

We invite all our friends to commit themselves to this initiative.

Jbeil/Byblos, 16 of decembre 2005
Jean-Louis Cardahi
Président of the Association “Friends of Byblos”


An initiative of the Association of “The Friends of Byblos”

  • Located at the entrance of the old city of Jbeil-Byblos, Khan Street, that leads to the Old Castle
  • A Typical of the Ottoman architecture period (1516-1914)
  • Total surface: 529 sqm: 304 sqm interior and 225 sqm as a Patio
  • Actually under rehabilitation and restructuring thanks to the efforts done by the association “Friends of Byblos” in order to become an ideal space for Craftsmen, creators to work and promote their creations.

Different activities realized in the Arts and Crafts Center
In collaboration with multiple associations:

  • 2001, Exhibition of several craftsmen (FIB Photos) with the collaboration of the municipality of Jbeil and the Byblos International Festival and a group of volunteering ladies.
  • 2001,2002, the Kite International Exhibition and workshops
  • 2002, Exhibition of the plastic art work of the Lycée’s students of Nahr Ibrahim (Pictures expo MLFNI)
  • 2002, Exhibition of YWCA Jbeil (pictures YWCA)
  • 2004, Under the framework of the Med’Act project, the French designer Aline Ribière exposed her creations in the center, in collaboration with Jbeil’s young designer Georges Assaf. A fashion show which was attended by many people.
  • 2005, Christmas Exhibition in collaboration with the Byblos International Festival.

Association of “The Friends of Byblos”

  • “The Friends of Byblos” is a non-profit association, legally constituted by the decree n° 144/ad issued on the 12/7/2001 by the ministry of the Interior
  • The aims of this association are to promote the development of the area of Jbeil, of its human resources, and the enhancement of its heritage through various projects.

For your support
The Association’s bank account in Lebanon:
Account n° 20.10.89299626
Fransabank s.a.l. Jbeil branch - Lebanon


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